A Portfolio of Our Work

Below are examples of just some of the projects we've been chosen for. Please take a moment to examine our work and view our quality. As you view these samples please keep in mind your project and know you can expect the same level of quality and commitment we gave to these clients.


Gallery Two

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Veterans Administration
Installation of four rooftop units that provided four separate climate zones for dialysis center.

Nebraska Beef, Inc.
Projects include new offices, fabrication floor, galvanized ductwork, and various stainless steel products throughout the fabrication and processing areas.

Greater Omaha Packing
Have performed a great deal of rooftop work.

Greater Omaha Packing
Much of the work we've done includes exhaust work, Stainless Steel Ductwork, and Color Clad Flashing.

Greater Omaha Packing
Galvanized Duct.

Greater Omaha Packing
More galvanized work on the ro oftop.

VA Hospital
Services performed include total ward renovations, exhaust and ventilation units, rooftop units, and numerous VAV boxes.

Greater Omaha Packing
Rooftop cooling and heating unit.

Greater Omaha Packing
Building rooftop heating and cooling unit.